Nidhi Soni has the distinct vocal style of a soul anchor, able to stir emotion in every note. Her husky, full bodied tones flow out and touch each and every listener.

Nidhi Soni realised that blending her talent as an anchor for shows has created a unique excitement among the crowd and the show highlights to progress on a grand level creating a special bond with the crowd from the beginning till the end of the show.

In fact, this was a perfect example of blending all of her talents together, because she was the only Indian anchor to open the act and anchor for the show in front of an audience of 50,000 people.

Due to Nidhi Soni’s talent as both a actor and an anchor, she has found great success combining the two and is now well known as a “Anchoring Emcee”. In fact, she has grown into a celebrity for her double threat of actor and anchor.

“My ability to improvise and play off the audience helps me create a comfortable atmosphere. This, more than anything, has made me a successful anchor and a vocalist. It’s God’s Gift. I strive to empower them with my voice and feel invigorated by the encouragement of the audience.”

As a model and Anchor  Nidhi Soni has earned great success and popularity in a variety of mediums.

Nidhi Soni‘s accomplishments continue to pile up. She has now performed in over 400 shows and has won accolades across the globe. Both print and electronic media continue to take notice of her wonderful work and achievements. As her popularity and fan following grows, day by day and has become one of the most sought after artists in India.

Achievement has been awarded as best anchor in 2014 it was mesmerizing time award by Times of India, Hindustan, Chemist and Druggist federation.